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Rhetoric Rants: Feb 7, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Prostitution Part 2

I stated in my previous post about the lady who was completely against prostitution.  Besides always being violent, she claimed that prostitution allows people to objectify women.  Well, according to her logic, then everyone that you pay money for that is willing to do a service for you can be objectified.  If I were to hire a dog walker to solely walk my dog, I would be objectifying that dog walker as I would be using them to my benefit.  Essentially, they would be an object, and not a person because I was "using" them.  So, the service industry should be renamed the objectify industry, since these people offer service which we use so in essence, they are a tool or object.  By this point, you are probably realizing how ridiculous this all sounds.  Objectification does happen, but not for a majority of cases.  What makes prostitutes so special that they can be objectified, but not other service related professions?