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Rhetoric Rants: Jan 22, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Human Evolution: Extinct? Part Two

Seeing from the overwhelming response of the last post, I will continue on the topic of human evolution.  It could be said that natural evolution is at the very least stunted due to modern advances in technology and medicine.  This being said, it would take some unforeseen force to continue evolution in humans at the same rate it has occurred in the past.  Now, what if people were in charge of this "natural selection"?  I'm glad eugenics was brought up in the previous post, because that is exactly what forced, man-made evolution is.  We've seen Hitler try this, and the results were disastrous. What if people were just randomly killed at birth, with no rhyme or reason?  Would this help evolution, or would it do nothing but throw a theoretical wrench into the evolution engine?

In the next post, I will discuss where I believe human evolution is going.